What The PTO Supports

Art Literacy

This beloved program provides a creative opportunity for every student to experience art history lessons combined with a hands-on art projects.  

Maker Space

The Current Maker Space Room

It is more than just a "space" it is a way of "thinking."  Click here to view a video of the things the students are already doing in the new Maker Space.  Imagine what they COULD DO with more equipment.

Renaissance Fair

An annual event for put on by the 7th Grade Class, the Renaissance Fair has the potential of becoming one of Stoller's biggest Community Events

Library Updates


While it houses a great collection of books, the library is under utilized by the students.  Your donation will help modernize the library and make it a welcoming place for students to work individually or collaborate on group projects.

Art Night

Last Year's Art Night was a huge success.  The PTO sponsored Food Trucks added an element that allowed people to stay longer because they did not have to rush home to dinner.  This year, we want to expand on service with additional food choices

Update the Entryway and Halls


Updates are needed to the Entryway and Halls to make getting information to the students easier.  We want to replace some of the traditional bulletin boards with monitors and update the banners